Jan Váchal - Stage play


  Mrs Fantômas Is Angry

Genre: comedy crime thriller

Cast: 7 men, 5 women

Madcap comedy crime thriller about a marital dispute between famous green-masked criminal Fantômas and his wife. A decision must be reached on who is master of the household – and in this particular household, how else can the dispute be solved than with a crime? Fantômas and Mrs Fantômas agree to compete to acquire the only Green Mauritius postage stamp in existence, which is on display at the Museum of Fresh Art. Although the stamp is protected by the best security available to the police, before long it disappears. As is often the case in madcap comedies, who can say who did it? The hunt for the culprit is on. This comedy is underpinned by witty dialogue, a brisk tempo and the absurdity of its situations.

The script of this play can be ordered for viewing through the Dilia Theatre Agency, which represents Jan Váchal.



DILIA, divadelní, literární, audiovizuální agentura, z. s.

Krátkého 143/1
190 03 Praha 9 – Vysočany, Česká republika/Czech Republic

Mgr. Marie Špalová

International Officer (Anglo-American region), Theatre Department
+420 266 199 861