Comedy novel





                         How Not to Read Viewegh to the End

                             Or an unexpected fight over an unwanted book

Protagonist Karen is an emancipated, educated woman in her thirties who works for a Prague firm of accountants. Right now, she doesn’t have any personal dilemmas, identity crises or major events to deal with. There is just her life, which she can manage. But often some tiny thing is enough to set the wheel of bizarre happenings in motion. In this case, this thing is a book bought more or less out of necessity. One smallish good deed suffices to make the borrowed book literally unreachable. There is nothing for it but to set out in pursuit, which inevitably entails turning the emotions to the max. Now the rollercoaster on which rage, grief, apathy and sorrow are salient feelings can no longer be stopped. In any case, Karen isn’t a quitter. Share four weeks of Karen’s life and discover how to withstand, overcome and survive, plus how not to read Viewegh to the end.

NB. Viewegh is a well-known, very popular Czech writer.