Jan Váchal - Stage play


  The Evolutionist

or One Third of the Square of Six Monkeys

Genre: comedy

Cast: 1 man

A comedy about research in the field of evolution and how fascinating it is. After many years, Professor N. A. Schtortz has at last decided to amaze the world with his grandiose theory of the evolution of life on Earth, so making a claim for a Nobel Prize. But his presentation is peculiar to say the least: it is filled with bizarre examples, novel observations, humorous detachment and explanations that are free of the merest hint of dryness. The audience is given a survey of theories on the origination of our world and the toils and troubles of scientific research. In stages, it learns that it is tossed about in a vortex of mediocrity, how it is formed in space-time, what mischief the balance of chaos is playing with it, how pairs of triangular numbers are connected with DNA, and that the greatest evolutionist in human history is a brilliant physicist named Albert Einstein. But the main message of the lecture is that neither science nor life in general should be taken too seriously.      

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